Wacky Wednesday: Toilet Tales

Toilet Tale 1
I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

On Friday morning, one of my co-workers told me, “Cynthia, you are the most accident-prone person I know.”


Actually, I’m not accident prone at all.  But when I do have one, I go all out.  Either it is going to be huge (like last January when I broke my jaw in four places) or I am going to end up with a great story to tell.   On Thursday, I walked away with a great story.

One of the greatest challenges of being a teacher is being able to get to the bathroom at the right time.  We can’t exactly walk out of class when the need arises; we have to plan ahead.  This means that many of us are often lined up at the beginning and end of a lunch break, or we rush in and out of the bathroom at the end of a preparation (or planning) time.

Last Thursday, I looked at the clock at the end of my prep time.  “Geez!  It’s 2:40!  I have to be back in class in 5 minutes!”  So I darted for the bathroom.  When I finished, I got up quickly from the toilet, turned to wash my hands and, somehow, managed to bang my head on the bottom of the medicine cabinet.  I fell back into the wall and cried, “Oww!”  Something didn’t feel right.

A co-worker checked my head.  “No, it’s obviously bumped, but there is no blood.”

Toilet tale 2
A bump, blood or a hole?  You decide.

As I returned back to class, I was feeling “off”.  I headed back downstairs to the main office and begged, “Please, don’t laugh at me.”


Needless to say, there were giggles.  Then, after my head was checked, I heard, “Oh my! You’re bleeding.”  Within minutes, my class was covered and I was told to sit down.  A concussion was the concern and, since it happened in the work place, my incident had to be taken seriously.

While waiting for my husband to pick me up (since I couldn’t drive if I had a concussion), I had to complete typical paperwork.   In my case, the questions led to more giggles: How did the incident happen?  Were there any witnesses?  I can only imagine the reaction of the case worker who will be reading this later.  When my administer had to answer “What treatment and precautions were taken?”, I asked her not to make me go through toilet re-training; she wrote that I was told to slow down.

Forty-five minutes later, my husband arrived and we headed to the doctor who determined that it was not a concussion but told me to watch for symptoms overnight.  I was relieved as I really did not want to miss school the next day.

The next morning, a co-worker asked if I was okay.  “What happened?” asked another.  “You know Cynthia!  She sprinted from the toilet!”

Yup, that’s exactly what I did  – and it’s a sprint that I am pretty sure I won’t be doing again.

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