The Grass is Greener on This Side of the Fence

Throwback to a cold tempo: January 2018.

This is the first winter that I haven’t run in a long time and, truth be told, I am not complaining.  I do not miss the piles of laundry which come with 2 base layers and 4 tops from every single sub-zero run.  Nor do I miss the trails of frozen snot that are stuck to my jacket.  But I do miss the feelings of power and satisfaction that come after finishing something that, to most, seem unhumanly possible.

A few years ago, my friend, Erin, drove past as a few friends and I were just heading out for a run.  It was a mere -19 below and she yelled out her window “You’re crazy!  You know is 19 below, right?”  Since then, she has also become a runner and, on our Snow Day this week, when 2o-25 centimetres led to road chaos and school closures, she headed out for her run – in temperatures hovering below -25C.  From my side of the fence, she looked crazy.

A few days later, when temperatures were even colder, my heartrate jumped when I saw friend Walter bolting along the road.  His face mask was covered with condensation turned snow and frozen snot.  Only a runner can understand the excitement that comes from seeing another running doing something that the general population would describe as insane.  I sent Walter the friendly double-honk, waved, and cheered him along.

During this week’s deep freeze, I have often thought that I am glad that I am not running.  Then I qualify that thought with an “almost.” Had I been running through the fall, I most certainly would have been running in this seemingly coldest winter ever.   I would have embraced the cold, struggled with the footing and finished feeling mighty.  And I would have complained about the laundry too.

Instead, this year, Tammy the Hamstring and I get to drop into a downward dog at the yoga studio, where temperatures are 30c.  As we get ready to leave, covered in a hot, sticky sweat, and someone opens the door, the cold rushes in and I watch the steamy air turn to an Arctic breath.   For a brief moment, I think “I’m glad I’m not running,” pick up my shorts and tank, and head home.

And almost every time, on the drive home, I wonder if I would be running in this cold.  Would I take a day or two off?  Would I turn to the treadmill?  Would I crosstrain instead?  And every time, I have the same answer: I would most certainly be running.

But the fact is I am not running and, while I miss it, I really don’t miss running in the cold.  This winter, I am happy to have my little escape to a hot, humid studio – and my little pile of laundry.

3 Replies to “The Grass is Greener on This Side of the Fence”

  1. Reading this today was totally appropriate! I tested the sidewalk outside of my house not once, but twice before deciding I was going to give it a go. I had 11K on tap and I didn’t want to change yet another run after doing this so many times in January. I grabbed my TTC card in case and planned a route that would take me along the subway line in case conditions worsened. It was actually a great first 8K or so! It was when I turned to head east along the MGT that a HUGE constant headwind nearly blew me off my feet. UGH. No subway down there. I covered my face with a handkerchief I keep for my snotty nose, which immediately fogged my glasses, put my way head down to keep the ice pellets from hitting me and plowed forward. A crazy amount of honking along Lakeshore had me laughing as I knew someone totally recognized me or the commitment to getting this run done. It was a great moment!

    Anyway, I have to say that if you had to choose a winter to be injured, THIS is a good one! I hope that that appointment and injection come along soon. I’ve heard really good things about it. In the meantime, I’ve greatly enjoyed keeping up on your cross-training adventures! Keep it up. <3

  2. I haven’t been running as much this winter either I admit and I don’t miss running in the wacky cold temps. The yoga studio is definitely more inviting.

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