Give Love; Laugh Lots

I am grateful that I have my children home with me.  My oldest is a don at his university and when classes were dismissed for the term, the residences stayed open.  The reason was understandable: many students (international and students who lived in other provinces) could not get home or had no where to go.  This qualified the residences’ dons as an essential service.  But this also led to single random text messages from mine.  On Tuesday, for example, he sent this:

               Apparently, Netflix is crashing for many because it can’t handle the volume of users.  

To that I couldn’t resist.  I knew that, as a don, he keeps a rather large quantity of condoms in his room so that the students living in his residence have easy access to them.  So I replied:

I hope you still have all of those condoms, then.  They’ll be in high demand soon, right behind toilet paper, as soon as boredom starts to set in.

Yes, I have added that to the list of things that I thought I would never say as a parent.

A few days later, we picked him up at school – dishes, leftover food, dirty laundry and all.  While we loaded the car, my 14 year old carefully guarded the condom bowl , simultaneously looking for expiry dates.   My vision of the direction his home schooling – or independent studying – was going to take over the next two weeks was changing by the minute.

The next morning, my youngest cleaned his room.  Then he rearranged it.  And he did a bit of redecorating.  I could only laugh – grateful that I am able to laugh during the crisis our health care system faces.

Stay home.  Hug your loved ones.  Laugh at their antics.  Be grateful.  Love one another.

At this time, love is the best thing we have.

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