If It Isn’t on Strava, Did It Even Happen?

(with apologies to Gloria Gaynor)

At first I was afraid, I was petrified,

I spent years thinking I couldn’t go without you at my side

I charged you before each run so I could see what I had done

Now Garmin’s  hacked and  there’ s no app….


Hacked when my friends and I had planned to run a virtual race

Of all the days to happen, this was not the right time or place

If I had known that this would be, I  would have picked another date

What will I do? How can I race?


Will I survive?  Oh my…..

Will my watch record my times? And will it show my pace?

And will I see my splits?  Oh, when will this be fixed?

How can I race?  How can I race?


It took all the strength I had not to fall apart,

Uploading results to Strava was, oh, so very hard,

If no one sees my times, does it mean I didn’t run?

Where are my likes?  And what are my bragging rights?


Where is that fix?  What will I do?

I guess I’ll run again; I’ll bravely run out that front door.

Garmin may be offline for another day or more

But it will be back and I’ll survive….

Hey, hey….

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