Review: Wash Your Paws Soap

Last week, Dave came inside after trimming some trees and his hands were covered in sap.  “I can’t get this stuff off,” he complained.  “What can I use?”  I laughed because my handy dandy husband always boasts about the “great cleaning product” that he washes his hands with after woodworking, gardening or “tinkering” with the car.  Now he had finally met his match – sap.

“Um….did you try the soap next to the kitchen sink?”

“This soap?”  he asked as he picked up the dish soap.

“No, dear, the one on the plate.”  Clearly, I still have some work to do.  Dave looked at the well-used bar of soap, the one that the menfolk in the house have been avoiding in favour of the pump bottle, squished his nose and cringed.  “It’s fine.  I use it all the time and my hands feel soft but scrubbed after. It’s completely natural and I’m sure it will do the trick.”  I walked away and waited.

“This stuff is great!  The sap came off right away!  Where did you get it?”

At the beginning of the summer, a friend’s creative wife launched Wash Your Paws, a soapy fundraiser for animal rescue.  She has designed and created a variety of hand-felted bars, artisanal soaps, and dog wash soaps; each bar is unique and is handmade with love and natural ingredients.  I was easily lured by the natural ingredients and, of course, the support for animal rescue so I bought a few bars.

Each bar of soap, fragranced with essential oils, weighs 5-6 ounces and is equivalent to a full size bar of soap.  They look too pretty to use but, trust me, you should; you won’t be disappointed as your skin will feel great.  I also love that the soap lasts a long time too.  The well-used bar pictured above has been used several times daily in the kitchen for the past six weeks.

We gave Zeda a bar of the Dog Wash Soap for her birthday (August 15th).  It is made with vet-approved ingredients: shea butter, collodial oatmeal, and essential oils (lavendar, lemon and eucalyptus).  After Zeda’s bath later this week, I can update you on how she likes it.

Wash Your Paws also carries hand-felted soaps, more one of a kind designs that are described as “a built-in washcloth” that exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling soft.  Soap saver bags and soap dishes are also available.

Purchasing is easy and shipping is quick.

If you haven’t checked out the Wash Your Paws facebook page yet, head over now.  But I warn you: it is hard to decide which ones you want.

Disclaimer:  The opinions above are my own.  I was not given product or paid to share my opinions.


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