Something To Look Forward To

In our society that is driven by numbers and data collection, living and working during the pandemic has been a challenge.  As the numbers change, so do the rules.  As the cases go up, so does our anxiety.  And with both, our days become more difficult.

Years ago, my former coach told me “Don’t worry about the things you can’t control; worry about the things you can.”  He was helping me work through a race day strategy and how to deal with potential negatives like bad weather, cramping, or falling off pace.  For whatever reason, a few weeks ago, his words found their way back into my head during my walk home from school.

Our Covid-centred society has led to hardship for thousands.   For me, it has caused some stress and while I can’t control the anxiety that it has created, I can control the way that I handle it.  “Worry about the things you can.”   So every morning, I think of one thing that I have to look forward to during the day and I focus on that. Usually, that something is fitness-related like a walk past the pond, a slow run or hitting the 8:00 yoga class, but it can also be as simple as baking cookies or posting a picture of a favorite Christmas decoration in the neighbourhood. It makes me feel good; it brings a sense of control back into my life; it gives me hope.

And that hope is a waking dream.

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