Take Two

Being transparent is hard.  After opening up about my eating disorder, I didn’t know how to return to my blog.  “What’s next?  What do I write about now?  Will people still be interested in what I have to say?”  Months later, I still question whether this is something I want to go back to.  How can I when I haven’t blogged in months and months?  So many questions ran through my mind, which left me wondering “Do I really want to return to Cynsspace?  Do I want to keep this up?”  But I keep thinking about it and that tells me that the answer is “Yes!”

Blogging has always been another outlet for me, an avenue to follow to share my thoughts and ideas.  I have always loved the creative process that goes into writing and, if people read  and enjoy my writing, I am even happier.  This summer, I  found myself drafting daily blogs in my head – another sign that I need to get back to this – only to file them away before I get to a computer.  The more I think about returning to the world of blogging, the more I realize how much I want to do it.  I need time.  Once again, time controls me.

The solution, I have come to realize, is simple: write more often, but write less; no one has time to read long posts anyway.  At school, I teach my Grade 8’s to write for their audience so it is time to heed my own advice.  Write with time constraints in mind.

Today is Day 1 of a new start.  My drafting journal is ready. Here I go….


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